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    Cooling System
    Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
      • Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
      • Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
      • Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
      • Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
      • Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
      • Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
      • Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit

    Parallel Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit

    Screw Rack

    The screw one belongs to rotated compressor whose remained volume is smaller than the reciprocated one, it has simple structure, high energy efficiency ratio, large discharge capacity, low vibration; In contrast to the reciprocated compressor, it has no expansion procedure for remained volume, no air inlet resistance resulted from air inlet valve plate, which brings high energy efficiency ratio on account of its high volume efficiency; It is also fitted with sliding valve energy regulation structure, multiple energy regulation and stepless energy regulation can be achieved easily.

    Paralleled low temperature screw unit adopts evaporating condenser, water-cooled oil cooler.

    It is fitted one-to-one high-efficient ECO plate heat exchanger, distribution of cooling capacity becomes more balanced. Liquid and gas return integrated tube are make use of by multiple branches, bringing up its compact structure and beautiful outlook. It has accurate temperature controlling due to PLC. It runs in even time and has stable energy regulation.

    Paralleled low temperature screw unit adopting evap.condenser, thermal siPhon oil cooler

    It is equipped with high-efficiency low oil resistance cooling plate heat exchanger from abroad ; thermal siPhon cooling brings low consumption of oil and reduced origin investment expense and running cost.

    Low temperature screw Rack adopting water-cooled condenser and oil cooler

    Water cooling owns high heat-exchanging coefficient, small heat-transfer space, which reduced the whole space and cost;

    It is equipped with air exhausting pressure regulation valve for ensuring low condensing pressure and regular running of unit in winter;

    It id also fitted with oil temperature mixing valve, which guaranteed stability of oil return temperature and lubrication, cooling, sealing of compressor; makes the volumetric efficiency more stable and the system runs more steady.

    Water-cooled low-temperature screw unit adopting hot gas defrosting

    It adopts water cooling system, some installation of discharge and liquid return pressure tube has been eliminated, then the cost will be naturally reduced and the cleanliness can be guaranteed at the same time;

    Integrated controlling of system can make the regulate running of unit during defrosting period; 

    The design of four-tubes is combined to refrigeration unit perfectly;

    Liquid and defrosting liquid return own one pipe,while air return and defrosting hot gas use the same pipe, which largely saved engineering investment cost;

    Defrosting liquid return will flow into reservoir directly, then the extra cost of defrosting liquid returning barrel;

    Scientific system design ensured evap.pressure and low vibration of liquid during defrosting period.

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